We are Stanford Medicine

Stanford Medicine is an ecosystem comprising the School of Medicine and the pediatric and adult health care delivery systems. Together, we harness the full potential of biomedicine through collaborative research, education, and clinical care for patients of all ages.

Shared Values. Shared Future.

Realizing the vision of a unified Stanford Medicine—one that leverages our unique opportunities and amplifies our individual strengths—depends on each of us and benefits all of us. The scope of what we can accomplish together is far greater than what we can achieve alone, and we are driven to reach for more because of a shared passion to improve patients’ lives and shape the future of medicine.

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Stanford Medicine Brand Portals


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  • Stanford Medicine Children’s Health
  • Stanford School of Medicine
  • Stanford Health Care
  • Stanford Health Care Tri-Valley
  • Stanford Medicine Partners
  • Employment

    No. Your employment and leadership structure within your current organization does not change. We are not merging organizations. Stanford Medicine is simply a brand mark.
    No. The vision, mission, and value statements for our organizations will remain the same as they are today.

    The transition

    The updated branding will launch to the public on July 26. Implementation will be phased, so while there will be some branded elements available to begin, not everything will be introduced at the same time. For a period, it is acceptable for both the updated and current branding to co-exist. To start, the following six items will carry updated branding:

    • Websites main logos
    • Desktop wallpaper
    • Email signatures
    • PowerPoint templates
    • Stationery/brochures/collateral. Use current inventory until supplies run out or changes need to be made.
    • ID badges. Use existing badges unless there is a need for a new badge, i.e., new employee, name change, department change, invalid badge, etc.

    The items above are available now for staff to prep but should not be used or implemented until the public launch date.

    Additional items will be rebranded over time, including signage, uniforms, forms, and more.

    How we talk about our collective brand

    A brand defines who we are, what we stand for, and how we are different from other health systems. Much more than a logo, a brand guides all we do, including how we look, sound, and behave. Stanford Medicine is a strong brand today and will become even stronger.
    By elevating the Stanford Medicine brand, we are taking the next step in realizing the vision of the Integrated Strategic Plan and reflecting the alignment that our community expects from us. These changes reaffirm our strength as a collective and differentiate us in the market, harnessing the full potential of our three-part mission of research, education, and clinical care.
    A strong brand story is important to help people understand all we do and why they should choose us over our competitors. This brand story serves as the basis for all brand outputs, including the way we look, sound, and behave.
    Stanford Medicine represents the power and excellence of our organizations working together and presents us as an ecosystem, enabling us to tell the compelling story that we are stronger together than apart. Together, we harness the full potential of biomedicine through collaborative research, education, and clinical care.

    How we use our collective brand

    No. While Stanford Medicine represents our collective brand, there are still going to be many instances when branded materials will be created for your specific organization.
    To determine when the Stanford Medicine brand is used, guidelines have been developed and are available on our brand portal.